Tree Health & Condition Surveys

Tree condition surveys concentrate on the assessment of the health and safety of trees by way of a ground level inspection of each tree by a qualified arborist, the recording of any noticeable defects and the specification of any tree surgery works required.

Tree condition surveys also provide a valuable management tool for the tree owner to assist in the cost effective management of their tree stock by detailing the trees most in need of works and the frequency of future inspection required.


The benefits of tree ownership come with the responsibility of management and so it is often advisable for a landowner to undertake to have the trees on their land inspected by a qualified arborist to check for potentially dangerous trees or branches. Where damage to property or injury to people occurs as a result of tree failure, the demonstration of a regular system of tree inspection can provide a robust legal defence for the landowner in the event of litigation.  


Tree condition surveys provided by Independent Tree Surveys include;


Written report based on a detailed visual inspection of an individual tree; normally used to assess the health and condition of prominent or otherwise important trees.


Assessment of the structural safety of landowners trees to identify any potential hazards to people and property and the likely risk of such damage or injury occurring; very useful for avoiding preventable damage/injury where the causative defect was visible to a trained professional.


Survey that assesses the physiological health and structural condition of each individual within a tree population and details any remedial works necessary; ideal for planning work programmes to budget and also demonstrate responsible management practices in the event of tree related insurance claims.


Surveys of roadside tree populations for Local Authorities / State Agencies and Landowners to assist with the safe management of both public and private roadways.



Tree surveys carried out to assess the likelihood of wind-throw amongst roadside tree populations; usually conducted along the routes of new bypass and motorway projects.

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